Highly Skilled, Collaborative

The nexus of our qualitative research is a highly skilled and empathetic moderator who establishes a natural, comfortable environment, conducive to a focused discussion where inhibitions fade and interaction flourishes.

Meaningful Outcomes

Our reporting starts with a rigorous analysis of ideas and opinions and ends with meaningful outcomes that will lead to the big picture.

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Creative Application of Technology

We apply technology that helps us:

  • Accurately and efficiently recruit
  • Engage participants with stimulus materials
  • Assist in moderating and data capture
  • Provide real-time client input, online recording, and rapid turnaround
On Target, On Time, On Budget

Our study execution follows carefully managed protocols and logistics to ensure research hygiene and to stay on target, on time, and on budget.

Through a consultative approach, we gain a deep understanding of clients’ business issues and objectives, then define a study process to build in more learning