How do you know the real drivers and motivators of your target audience?

How do you design your online presence, visual aids, and marketing efforts for optimal impact?

How do you train your sales force so that every interaction is more likely to generate interest and use?

How do you learn what the competition is doing?

Virtual Depth Research
  • Experts in leading edge use of technology to support virtual research environments
  • Superior participant targeting with samples not possible with in-person studies
  • Compressed timelines and cost savings
Central Qualitative Research
  • FocusSessions at central location facilities allows reaching research participants in the markets where they live and work, particularly when “hands-on” is needed
  • Employ study design and creative use of stimulus to engage participants
  • Research rigor is ensured through local and headquarters project management
FocusSession Surveys
  • Multiple online platforms, using the one with the right fit for your study
  • Efficient and quick to market, particularly in conjunction with a qualitative FocusSession study
  • Qualitative and quantitative market research throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America
  • Studies designed and managed by Principals and Senior Directors
  • Client monitoring with real-time translation during interviews and focus groups
  • Expert local recruiting taking into account local customs and practices

We are committed to understanding the particular demands of each client’s sector and the business environment in which they operate. FocusSession Research is best known for its innovative studies conducted for pharma, healthcare, and publishing, among other specialized areas.